Having A Meltdown?

Are you or your child experiencing monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly behavioral and/or emotional meltdowns?

Are you trying to remain calm, but at the same time you keep thinking, “Are you kidding me?! HOW DO I DO THAT?!”

Good news!  I might be able to help you, your family, or your child!

I have experience with the following concerns:

  1. abusive & violent behavior
  2. anger & defiance
  3. refusal to complete tasks
  4. backtalk & attitude
  5. self-injurious behavior (biting, cutting, head-banging, hitting, etc.)
  6. bullying
  7. lying
  8. stealing
  9. manipulating
  10. arguing & fighting
  11. laziness & decreased motivation
  12. lack of self-esteem
  13. power struggles
  14. risky behavior
  15. mentally shutting down
  16. ignoring
  17. technology abuse & dependence
  18. disrespect
  19. sibling rivalry
  20. aggressiveness
  21. crying
  22. yelling & swearing
  23. crises
  24. outbursts, temper tantrums, and meltdowns
  25. decreased completion of school work
  26. refusal to be potty trained
  27. refusal to eat certain foods

If any of these behavioral and/or emotional reactions sound familiar to you, I might be the therapist you are looking for!  If you are interested in learning more about how I might be able to help address meltdowns in your family, give me a call at 425.390.4177.  I’ll look forward to hearing your story and helping get you or your family back on track and regulated!

Anna DiNoto, PsyD, LMHC
Phone: 425-390-4177 | Fax: 1-425-671-4280 | Email:
Office Address: 2763  152nd Ave NE, Building 4A, Redmond, WA. 98052


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